In what seems like such a short time we are now nearing the 1 year anniversary of ProjectNova!

We’re proud to announce we’ll be giving our most loyal players a chance to win a life-size, Rust inspired, AK prop and 1 lucky runner-up of our real-life Rust keycards (USB 16GB)


  • Every hour you play from July 30th to August 5th (force wipe) is a chance to win!
  • AFK or Queue waiting time does not count towards your entry
  • Time will be tracked on ProjectNova Mars or Wild West servers
  • If your country does not permit physical gun props or if you prefer we can compensate for the same monetary value of the props themselves via Paypal
  • If you’re banned/muted during this duration your entry is nulled. So play nice!
  • We will reach out after the contest is over within 48hrs. If you do not respond we will redraw a new winner
  • Winners will be contacted directly through Steam